Living Waters Church

You may also fax or mail your ministry request to:

Freedom Prayer

1289 FM 1052

Uvalde, TX 78801


Freedom Prayer Ministry Request Form

(If you would like more information, use contact information for ministry listed below, or fill out form and return. You will be contacted as soon as possible.)

First Name__________________________________                         Last Name_________________________________

Your email __________________________________                        Phone Numbers ____________________________

Address ____________________________________                        City_ _____________________________________

Gender:   M___ F ___       Age: _____          Marital Status:    Single ___ Married ___ Divorced ___ Widowed ___

If married, is your spouse in agreement with you pursuing prayer ministry? _______________________________

How were you referred to this ministry? ___________________________________________________________

Where is your church membership? _______________________________________________________________

If you are not a Living Waters member, does someone in your church leadership know you’re seeking prayer ministry through Living Waters? __________________________________________________________________

Do you hold a leadership position in your church? ___________  If so, what is it? __________________________

What is your occupation? _______________________________________________________________________

When did you commit your life to Christ? __________________________________________________________

Briefly tell about your salvation experience: ________________________________________________________




Briefly state why you are seeking prayer ministry? ___________________________________________________



Do you have any special requests? Team member requests? ___________________________________________


Are you comfortable with a mixed gender prayer team?  Yes ____  No _____

Ministry nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays .  Do you have a preference, or other needs?____________________ ________________________________

Freedom Prayer Ministry Contact Info:   830-278-0037 (Scheduling and Information) 



Form is not fillable online. Please print screen, or copy and paste the form to fill out..